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Birth Outcomes

& Women's Health In East Texas

A collective of organizations and individuals from diverse backgrounds working together to help every baby in East Texas have a happy and healthy first birthday!

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Our Mission & Vision

We want to improve birth outcomes and women’s health in East Texas through community education, engagement, partnerships, and advocacy.

    We prioritize the needs of expectant and current moms because mom's health matters.


    Your bundle of joy is a gift to the world. We'll help you find resources to give your baby a healthy start.


    A baby is only as healthy as her support system. That’s why at Healthy Me, Healthy Babies, we provide the tools to empower you to develop healthy relationships, not just healthy babies. Our resources are aimed at helping the whole family flourish.

  • HEALTHY East Texas

    You've heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." We believe it takes a city. It’s the responsibility of all of us to build a healthy East Texas.

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Facing the Facts

  • Question 1

    1 in 10

    Number of babies in Texas born preterm. More than 1 in 100 babies are born very preterm (i.e., before 32 weeks). Learn how to improve the health of your baby.

  • Question 2


    Number of women in Texas who have little or no access to sufficient maternity care. Find the maternal resources you need.

  • Question 3


    Average number of women giving birth this week in Texas who will experience symptoms of postpartum depression. Learn how to become a healthier you and happier mom.

  • Question 4

    1 in 4

    Percentage of single-parent households in America. Find helpful resources for single moms.

  • Question 5


    Percentage of new parents who say they feel lonely since having children. A dependable support system helps children and parents thrive. Learn how to get involved and help build a happier and healthier East Texas.

  • Question 6


    Number of infant deaths per 1,000 births for African American women in Smith County, compared with a rate of 4.7 for Caucasian women. Learn how to keep your baby healthy.

Healthy Me,
Healthy Babies

Who We Are

Healthy Me, Healthy Babies is the hub for mental, physical, and maternal resources for women of all ages and seasons of life. Our goal is to improve birth outcomes in East Texas through community education, engagement, partnerships, and advocacy.

Get Involved

Whether you’re a new mom, friend or family member, health care provider, or concerned citizen, you have a part to play. Find out how you can help improve the mental and physical health of women and babies in our community.

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Upcoming Events

Find hope and help at one of our special community events. Our local events are designed to provide resources to women, moms, and babies in East Texas and to help them flourish like never before. Having access to resources, education, and relationships is often the difference between thriving and merely surviving. That’s why we work hard to give moms and little ones access to all the resources our community has to offer. Our local events are a great way to find the help you need, connect with others in your community who have been where you are, and discover ways to give back.

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