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You’ve driven home from the hospital with your new precious cargo. Now what? At Healthy Me, Healthy Babies, we want to equip you with the resources and confidence to thrive as a new mom and take excellent care of your sweet baby. If you’ve recently had a baby and are looking for support, you’re in the right place. Check out our myriad of resources for you and your baby, and call us if you need help or have questions.

‘Healthy New Mom’ Checklist

Prioritize your own mental health

When you have a baby, it’s easy to lose yourself. Many mamas even experience symptoms of postpartum depression. Click here if you are experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression.

Attend Your Postpartum Appointments

You and your baby need to stay healthy. Attending your postpartum checkups is essential. Click here to find affordable a healthcare provider.

Schedule your baby’s newborn checkup.

If you didn’t already schedule your baby’s newborn checkup before you left the hospital, now is the time. It’s essential to stay on schedule to make sure your baby is growing healthy and strong.

Follow your doctor’s recommended vaccination schedule.

Vaccines are necessary to protect your baby from common sicknesses and health risks. Consult your pediatrician to learn about the recommended schedule to keep your baby healthy.

Insist on handwashing

Newborns are particularly susceptible to germs. It’s important to tell anyone who wants to hold your baby to wash their hands first.

Breastfeed if you can.

Breastfeeding reduces your baby’s risk of ear infections, breathing problems, obesity, and more. It also helps you lose your baby weight faster. Not to mention, it’s free. Click here to find answers to all your breastfeeding questions.

Find affordable and quality childcare

Don’t wait to start looking for suitable childcare. It is often difficult to unearth an available and affordable option. Begin the search now. Click here to find helpful childcare resources, including financial help with childcare services.

Don’t see the resources you’re looking for? Call Healthy Me, Healthy Babies. We’re here to help.

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